Share capital development

The 2008 Annual General Meeting resolved to reduce the share capital by some SEK 32 million by means of the withdrawal of repurchased shares and to increase the share capital by a corresponding amount by means of a bonus issue, without issuing any new shares. Boliden will subsequently have a total of 273,511,169 shares.

The company holds 15,946,000 of its own shares, all acquired in 2007, each with a nominal value of SEK 2. Payment made for the shares acquired totals approximately SEK 2,210 million. The number of the company's own shares held corresponds to 5.509 per cent of the total number of outstanding shares.

A share buy-back programme is in place and the mandate is for up to a maximum of 10% and runs until the next Annual General Meeting.

Redemption programme where every Boliden share will be split into two new shares where one of these will be redeemed for a cash redemption sum of SEK 12. The Swedish National Tax Board has decided that 7.8 per cent of the purchase price should be allocated to the redemption share and 92.2 per cent to the remaining Boliden shares. 

Offering of 70,000 ordinary shares for redemption of convertible bonds. 

Directed offering of 37 million ordinary shares in conjunction with Outokumpu's sale of 37+10 million of its shares in Boliden AB. 

Guaranteed rights offering, shareholder's have the right to subscribe for one new share per every two shares held. 

Non-cash issue. New shares issued to Outokumpu Oy as payment for the purchase of its base metals mining and smelting operations.

Split. Redomciliation of the Boliden Group from Canada to Sweden a) Preferred shares were converted 1:37.75, b) the common shares were consolidated 1:20 and c) the common shares in Boliden Limited were exchanged to shares in Boliden AB 1:1. The Swedish National Tax Board set the sale price to SEK 1.97 per common share and SEK 74.18 per preferred share in Boliden Limited and the purchase price to SEK 39.30 per share in Boliden AB. 

Rights offering of 571,706,800 and a directed offering of 750,000,000 common shares. 


Rights offering with common shares. 


Secondary listed in Stockholm.

Trelleborg makes a dividend where one share in Trelleborg gives 0.3908 common shares in Boliden Limited. The Swedish National Tax Board set the purchase price to SEK 16.50/share (i.e. SEK 6.45/dividend right). 

Private placement. 

Rights offering with convertible preferred shares. Conversion ratio 1:11.3636 (i.e. one convertible preferred share can be exchanged for 11.3636 common shares). 

1997-1998 December/January
Shares issued for the purchase of Westmin Resources Limited. 

Boliden Limited is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange by Trelleborg who sold out 55% of its shares to a subscription price of CAD 16 per share. 

Detailed share capital development