Boliden - Metals for Modern Life

Well positioned for changing markets through a diversified business model

  • Integrated business model with mines and smelters
  • One of the world’s largest zinc companies
  • Leading European copper and nickel company
  • Strong expertise in recycling of electronic materials and lead from batteries
  • Located in northern Europe – low political risk
  • Growing organically and through selected acquisition

Delivering improving operational performance

  • World-class productivity in underground and open-pit mines
  • Leading expertise in handling complex raw materials
  • Innovation in metallurgy driving mine capacity and expansion

Strong track-record in prolonging life of mine and developing projects

  • In-house project management
  • Proven near-mine exploration success through leading edge technology, partly developed in-house
  • Potential extensions through converting mineral resources

Enhancing performance through corporate responsibility

  • High emission standards lowers environmental risk
  • Focus on safety improves production stability
  • Leader in developing reclamation methods for decommissioned mines
  • Responsible business through monitored supply-chain

Creating value for shareholders

  • Business model with good cash flow generation enables effective risk management and funds growth
  • Robust balance sheet and financing structure
  • Dividend policy – 1/3 of net profit