Boliden as a sustainable investment

With a competitive product portfolio, a sustainable value chain as well as leading productivity and a sound ability to deliver results, we provide the metals needed for societal climate transition.

A stable and sustainable value chain

Our excellent technical know-how combined with good access to fossil-free electricity together make for manufacturing processes with world-class productivity and environmental performance. Regardless, Boliden has set the target of reducing absolute carbon dioxide emissions by 40 percent by 2030, with 2021 as base year. We extract metals from both mining concentrates and secondary materials and are responsible for controlling the supply chain.


Boliden is a leader in the development of methods for the reclamation of closed mines and the disposal of hazardous waste. We are working with the development of proactive risk management and increased involvement in occupational health and safety issues to improve safety for employees and contractors alike. Boliden is an active member of the leading industry organizations whose aim is to improve occupational health and safety in the mining and smelting industries.

A sound ability to deliver results

Boliden has both the expertise and financial position to develop mining and smelting operations.


Our employees carry a valuable cultural heritage of almost a century of experience from mining and smelting operations. The value chain from mines to smelters creates synergies between the business areas and increases stability in the Group’s earnings potential. This stability is reinforced by the tendency of treatment charges to move in the opposite direction to variable base metal prices. Over time, precious metal prices also tend to have a negative correlation to those of base metals, and this increases the stability of the Group’s earnings potential. Production takes place in northern Europe, where political risk is low. Project management is run in-house with a focus on safety, production stability and technological development.


Boliden strives to maintain a sound balance sheet and has defined financial targets that are adapted to prepare for market fluctuations, value-creating investments and competitive dividends to shareholders.


Boliden’s most important mines have long lifespans and the focus lies on minesite exploration where the economic potential is the greatest. Acquisitions are made selectively, if and when the right opportunity arises.

A competitive product portfolio

Boliden provides the metals needed to improve society for future generations. The main metals are copper, zinc, nickel and lead, all important for a sustainable society. Copper and nickel are crucial for increased electrification. Lead is used in the storage of electricity, and zinc is necessary for improving corrosion protection, thereby reducing resource utilization. Boliden’s by-products include gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Gold is of great importance for the stability of global financial markets, while platinum and palladium are important for emission control.


All in all, our multi-faceted product portfolio makes us well-equipped for the
opportunities and challenges we face in the metal markets of today and tomorrow.