Boliden as an investment

With its competitive product portfolio, a stable value chain and a sound ability to deliver results, Boliden provides metals essential to society and a green transition

A stable value chain that has sound technical know-how

Boliden has sound technical know-how, which means its manufacturing processes enjoy world-class productivity and a limited environmental footprint.
The value chain from mines to smelters creates synergies
between the business areas and increases stability in the Group’s
earnings potential. This stability is reinforced by the tendency
of treatment charges to move in the opposite direction to base
metal prices.

Boliden extracts metals from both mining concentrates and
secondary materials and is responsible for controlling the supply
chain. Boliden is a leader in the development of methods for the
reclamation of closed mines and the disposal of hazardous waste.
Production takes place in northern Europe with low political

A sound ability to deliver results

Boliden has both the expertise and financial position to develop mining and smelting operations. With experience from almost a century of mine and smelter operations, the company’s employees enjoy a valuable cultural heritage. Project management takes place in house with a focus on safety, production stability and technological development. Boliden strives for a sound balance sheet and has defined financial targets to ensure preparedness for both lower profitability and expansion.

Boliden’s most important mines have long lifespans, and the focus is on mine-site exploration where the economic potential is greatest. Acquisitions are made selectively, if and when the right opportunity arises.

A competitive product portfolio

Boliden provides the metals we need to build a better society for future generations. The base metals are copper, zinc, nickel and lead. They are all important for a sustainable society and the many other things they are essential for include increasing electrification
and corrosion protection.

Boliden’s precious metals include gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Precious metal prices tend to go in the opposite direction to those of base metals, and this increases
stability in the Group’s earnings potential.