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Boliden whistleblower reporting

Welcome to Boliden whistleblower reporting page. This reporting channel can be used to raise concerns regarding actual or suspected serious wrongdoings committed by people in leading positions or key personnel within the Boliden Group.

Whistleblower procedure

Reports can be made by following the link Boliden whistleblower reporting form

The report will be anonymous unless contact information is added in the text field. Reports can also be made by e-mailing whistleblower@boliden.com (please note that the sender e-mail will be visible to the recipient and thereby not anonymous). No feedback will be given to the sender, unless contact information is included in the report.

All reported observations will be reviewed by Boliden Whistleblower Board. The board will decide whether or not a report shall be treated as a whistleblower case. A dedicated investigation team will be appointed to each whistleblower case.

Please note:
A report that is not classified a whistleblower case may be forwarded for handling in accordance with Boliden’s ordinary reporting routes. Observations that are not considered  whistleblower cases may include HR related observations (e.g. manager-employee relations).


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