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Boliden whistleblower reporting

Welcome to Boliden’s Whistleblower reporting page. This reporting channel can be used to raise concerns regarding actual or suspected serious wrongdoings committed by people in leading positions or key personnel within the Boliden group.

 1        When should I report?

Boliden’s employees should primarily report complaints that do not fulfil the criteria for being a whistleblower case via the ordinary reporting route, i.e. as an employee you should report to your HR manager or directly to Boliden’s Sr VP Corporate Responsibility. As an external contact, you should primarily report to your contact person at Boliden or to the relevant department to which the issue relates.

In cases where ordinary reporting routes are insufficient, we provide a whistleblower reporting channel. The channel allows you to anonymously provide information to us about potential serious wrongdoings committed by people in leading positions or key personnel within the Boliden group. Please note that only concerns regarding serious wrongdoings committed by people in leading positions or key personnel within the group should be reported through the whistleblower channel. Therefore, to understand if it is a whistleblower case, please read the definitions below.

  • Definition of serious wrongdoing

A serious wrongdoing means any serious conduct or irregularity within the Boliden group concerning (a) accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing matters, fight against bribery, banking- and financial crime, or (b) other serious conduct or irregularity concerning a Boliden company’s or Boliden group’s vital interests or the life or health of individual persons, such as serious environmental crimes, major deficiencies in the safety at the place of work and very serious forms of discrimination or harassments.

  • Definition of leading position and key personnel

People in leading positions and key personnel within the Boliden group include Boliden AB’s board of directors, Boliden’s group management, the Business Area Mines management, the Business Area Mines general managers, the Business Area Smelters management, the Business Area Smelter general managers, Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), and any employee reporting directly to a member of any of these groups.

2        How do I report?

  • By Boliden’s whistleblower reporting form

Reports can be made by following the link: Boliden whistleblower reporting form. The report will be anonymous unless contact information is added in the text field.

  • By e-mail

Reports can also be made by e-mailing whistleblower@boliden.com (please note that the sender e-mail will be visible to the recipient and thereby not anonymous).

  • Content

Please note that your report only should contain the personal data that is relevant for the appropriate investigation of the concern subject of the report and the implementation of appropriate actions because of such investigation.

3        What happens after reporting?

No feedback will be given to the sender, unless contact information is included in the report.

Please note that a report that is not classified a whistleblower case may be forwarded for handling in accordance with Boliden's ordinary reporting routes.


  • We process the following personal data

    -       The data will be deleted from the whistleblower channel after review and decision that a report is not a whistleblower case. The case will then be forwarded for handling in accordance with Boliden's ordinary reporting routes.

    -       The data will be deleted if after investigation it is decided that further action is not to be taken.

  • Who is the controller for the processing of personal data?

    Boliden Mineral AB, reg. no. 556231–6850, Box 44, 101 20 Stockholm, is the controller of personal data for Boliden’s processing of personal data which takes place when, and after, you file a report via Boliden’s whistleblower reporting form or by e-mailing whistleblower@boliden.com.

  • Parties with whom we may share your personal data

Personal data may be disclosed to:

-       legal entities (companies) within Boliden other than Boliden Mineral AB.

  • Your rights

You have the right to request information about the use of your personal data. You also have the right to request correction of incorrect personal data. Moreover, in certain cases, you also have the right to erasure of personal data, or restriction of the processing, and you are entitled to object to the processing.

  • Boliden’s data protection officer

Boliden has appointed a data protection officer who, on an overall level, shall ensure that we comply with the GDPR. The data protection officer can be reached at dpo@boliden.com and by telephone +46 8 610 1551.

  • Complaints

You always have the possibility of submitting complaints to the supervisory authority (the Data Protection Authority in Sweden or your local supervisory authority) where you believe that Boliden is processing your personal data in violation of data protection legislation.


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