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Boliden – part of the community

For more than 90 years, Boliden has grown together with the communities we work in. Our history and development often walk hand-in-hand with society's.

In many places, we are the biggest private employer and our employees and families are essential if infrastructure, public services, shops and other activities are to function. 

Just as we and our employees are important for the development of society, society is important for us. Maintaining an ongoing, open dialogue with the local inhabitants and other parties with interests in our operation are a given, as is collaborating with local operators and sponsoring various associations and events. We encourage visits to our mines and smelting plants.

When we expand our operations or set up in a new location, it is very important that we maintain a dialogue with all concerned to make sure what we do has as little impact as possible.    

Information to local residents


Boliden Head Office

Boliden Group
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