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Visiting Aitik

We prioritize visits from educational institutions, corporations and other actors connected to our operation. If time and opportunity allows we may also handle requests from other sources. A visit with us is always free of cost. As far as possible we also try to tailor the visit to ensure that you get to see what you really want to see. If you are interested in visiting us, please send a request to our visits’ coordinator.

Aitik 50 years


... the mining began in Aitik. At that time it was believed that the mine would last for fifteen years, with a mining rate of approximately 2 million tons of ore per year.

2018 Aitik has been in production for 50 years. The mining rate has steadily increased, aided by several expansions, and is today approximately 39 million tons of ore per year. The number of employees has also increased, from circa 100 in 1968 to close to 700 in 2018.

We want to celebrate our 50th anniversary with you. We therefore hope to invite you to some fun and interesting activities during this year. We start off with a free anniversary guide tour, the first of four, with an extra focus on our history.

To the right you find some more information as well as a link to apply to a place on the tour. 

Contact us for a visit

Annika Järnroos

Visits' coordinator

Aniversary tour

Anniversary guide tours, with extra focus on Aitik's history, will be offered at four different opportunities throughout the year.

The closest date is Sunday November 11, 11.00-14.00.

Confirmation for your booking as well as further information regarding the visit will be provided via email, why it is important that you register such in your booking. Also note that the booking is individual, which means that you will have to register separate bookings for each person. 

There are a maximum of 50 seats on the tour, so first come before October 29 first served. 

Declaration of interest to participate in the tour is registered HERE

Please note that visitors has to be above 15 years of age.

The guided tours are conducted in Swedish.



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