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General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting is the company’s supreme decision-making body through which shareholders exercise their influence in the company.

The duties of the Annual General Meeting include the election of Members of the Board, the Chairman of the Board, the Nomination Committee, the adoption of the Income Statement and Balance Sheet, resolutions on the appropriation of profits and discharge from liability for the Members of the Board and the President of the company, the determination of fees payable to the Members of the Board and to the auditors and the principles governing conditions of employment and remuneration for the President and senior executives, and, where relevant, the amending of Articles of Association and the election of auditors.

The Annual General Meetings are regu­larly held at one of Boliden’s facilities in Sweden in order to give the shareholders an insight into the operations. Shareholders are offered the chance of a guided tour of Boliden’s mines, concentrators or smelters in conjunction with these meetings in order to deepen their knowledge of the opera­tions and to give them an opportunity to meet with Boliden’s employees


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