Capital Markets Day

Boliden hosted its Capital Markets Day in Stockholm on November 21, 2017, followed by a visit to the copper/nickel mine Kevitsa in Northern Finland on November 22, 2017.

Press release:

Boliden´s 2017 Capital Markets Day:
Delivering value through operational excellence



Operational excellence, Lennart Evrell, President & CEO

Corporate Responsibility – raised sustainability performance, Thomas Söderqvist, SVP Corporate Responsibility

Operational excellence and organic growth, Mikael Staffas, President Boliden Mines

Strengthening competitive position, Kerstin Konradsson, President Boliden Smelters

Value creation from solid capital base, Håkan Gabrielsson, CFO

Concluding remarks, Lennart Evrell, President & CEO

Boliden Kevitsa – Expansion to 9 Mtonnes, Mikael Staffas, President Boliden Mines, and Peter Bergman, General Manager

Webcast Capital Markets Days 2017