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Capital Markets Day

Capital Markets Day 2012 was held at the Rönnskär smelter and the Aitik mine, November 22-23.


Market view, Lennart Evrell, President & CEO

E-scrap fundamentals, Roger Sundqvist, General Manager Boliden Rönnskär

Mines update, Jan Moström, President Boliden Mines

Laver - exploration update, Hans Årebäck,Exploration Director Boliden Mines

Boliden Area, Thomas Söderqvist, General Manager Boliden Area

Garpenberg expansion, Peter Richardson, Project Manager Garpenberg 2.5

Smelters Update, Kerstin Konradsson, President Boliden Smelters

Smelter Gross Profit Drivers, Karl Söderberg, Director Finance Boliden Smelters

Odda improvement programme, Dag Berg, General Manager Boliden Odda

Capital allocation & financials, Mikael Staffas, CFO

Boliden No 1 in recycling

Welcome to Boliden Aitik