Social responsibility

Boliden generates value by having top quality operations, processes and products. Employees who are skilled, committed and who accept personal responsibility are crucial. Boliden must, in turn, offer a safe and inspiring working environment. By acting responsibly towards neighbours, business partners and other stakeholders, Boliden can maintain a good reputation as a metals company and employer.


Being healthy is not just good for the individual in question, it also promotes Boliden’s success. Reducing the number of people on sick leave is consequently one of Boliden’s more important goals, and this importance is expressed in the form of an established programme of proactive health work.

Boliden offers a wide range of health-promoting activities, such as recurring spine training, exercise tips, free 24/7 access to the company gym, staff canteens that specialise in healthy foods, and our recurring quit smoking campaigns.

Well-being also requires effective rehabilitation activities – something that is particularly important when it comes to reducing long-term sick leave. The goal of our rehabilitation work is to ensure that employees are able to return to their previous positions, but where this is not possible, Boliden strives to offer a position elsewhere within the operations when appropriate.


Boliden’s operations entail risks such as handling substantial material flows, high temperatures and, from time to time, substances that are hazardous to health. A safe work environment is a top priority for Boliden and the Group has adopted a zero tolerance vision for accidents at work.

Creating a strong safety culture while simultaneously eliminating risks are the preconditions for achieving this goal. Every individual employee must accept personal responsibility for behaving safely and correctly. Consistent and committed leadership at all levels, committed employees and strong peer pressure that does not tolerate risky behaviour are important cornerstones for improving occupational safety, and a continuous ongoing dialogue on the subjects of health, safety, routines, attitudes and behaviour is, therefore, vital.

Boliden has developed the BSafe concept as part of Boliden’s work with visual, clear and standardised information on safety measures, correct behaviour and correct equipment in all workplaces. BSafe is an important component of building a safety culture in which everyone who wears a BSafe badge undertakes to speak out when someone is working in an unsafe way, to halt production if it poses a clear risk of serious personal injury, and to encourage everyone to speak out if they, themselves, are behaving in a risky way.