Environmental responsibility

Boliden’s environmental responsibility entails continuous work towards reducing the negative impact of the Group’s operations. The ambition is to go beyond legislative and regulatory requirements. Material stewardship is also of growing importance since effective use of resources in terms of reuse and recycling of metals in the society is vital for Boliden´s business.

We do this by implementing continuous improvement work and through technical development, but also through targeted environmental investments designed to reduce emissions and discharges or to restore the natural environment in areas affected by Boliden’s operations.

Boliden’s goal is zero environmental accidents. Achieving our goal demands efficient systems and stable processes at every stage of the value chain, but also requires a focused programme of work with risk assessments, action plans, routines and advanced technology.

Boliden’s environmental work is systematic and the relevant challenges are identified and selected as part of an ongoing process. The following areas have, as of 2014, been prioritised for the ongoing environmental work:

  • Minimising our impact on the soil, air and water
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Reclamation work and protection of natural values