In dialogue with our business partners

Boliden wants to move forward together with our business partners to live up to internationally accepted standards of corporate ethics. In order to control risks involving business partners and to achieve continual improvements throughout the business chain Boliden carries out evaluations of the performance of our business partners from a CSR perspective.

The evaluations are made according to criteria we have formed based on the UN Global Compact, 10 Principles and ILO- and ISO-standards, and Boliden's Code of Conduct. These conventions address such areas as human rights, working conditions, environmental responsibility and systematic environmental work, anti-corruption, and the way in which the business partners follow up on and evaluate their own sustainability work. Audits of business partners are carried out in special cases and any deviations from standards and remedial measures implemented are followed up.

Trading in materials and waste

Boliden complies with national legislation and international guidelines such as the OECD guidelines for trade in materials, waste and hazardous waste, and for some years now, Boliden has been implementing a strict internal policy regarding such transactions. This means that the operator who handles material received from Boliden for processing or permanent storage does not receive payment in full until they can produce documentation demonstrating that the material has been processed. This clause is included in all of Boliden’s agreements.

Conflict minerals

Boliden produces around 15 tonnes of gold every year from mined concentrate and recycling. Boliden’s policy is that no concentrate shall be acquired from areas of armed conflict. The secondary raw material is, however, more difficult to control as it may have passed through several links in the supply chain before it reaches Boliden.

The Rönnskär smelter is included in “The London Good Delivery list of Acceptable Refiners”. Boliden must, in order to ensure its continued inclusion in the London Bullion Market Association’s list of recommended gold producers, ensure that the raw materials chain complies with a number of ethical criteria, and must comply with stringent standards for documentation and transparency.