In dialogue with our business partners

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is crucial for a sustainable mining and metals industry. Boliden wants to move forward together with our business partners to live up to internationally accepted standards of corporate ethics.

Boliden's business partners can roughly be cate­gorised into customers and suppliers. Approximately one third of our zinc customers are large steelworks which use zinc to protect steel from corrosion when manufacturing galvanised thin sheet. The second largest customer category comprises companies that hot dip galvanise piece goods. The majority of our copper customers are manufacturers of wire rod, copper rods and copper alloys who, in turn, sell their products to the construction, electronics and automotive industries.

Boliden buys metal concentrates from its own mines and from around 20 suppliers and have around one hundred suppliers of electronic and metal scrap and other secondary raw materials. We also have a total of around 6,800 suppliers of goods, services and logistics. Just over 200 of this total accounts for the majority of purchasing volumes.

In order to control risks involving business partners and to achieve continual improvements throughout the business chain Boliden carries out evaluations of the performance of our business partners from a CSR perspective. The evaluations are made according to criteria we have formed based on the UN Global Compact, 10 Principles and ILO- and ISO-standards. This is done according to our group wide procedures to ensure compliance to legislation and the Code of Conduct.

The evaluations are carried out as self assessments and audits.