Boliden supports Zinc Saves Kids

Zinc Saves Kids aims to raise awareness of the immense problems caused by zinc deficiency and offer children suffering from malnutrition better chances of survival and development. Zinc deficiency is the most common form of micro-nutrition deficiency among young children and UNICEF estimates that 450,000 children are in danger of dying from zinc deficiency each year. Zinc strengthens the immune defence and increases resistance to e.g. diarrheal illnesses, which cause more deaths among children under five each year than HIV/aids and malaria put together.

The initiative, which was launched by the International Zinc Association (IZA) and is run in partnership with UNICEF, is targeting zinc industry companies. The goal is to raise a minimum of USD 3 million over 3 years in support of UNICEF's dietary supplementation programmes in Nepal and Peru, two countries hit hard by malnutrition.