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Deliveries of smelting residues to Chile during the mid 1980's

Between 1984 and 1985, Boliden delivered a total of approximately 20,000 tonnes of metallic residues from the Rönnskär smelter to the Chilean company, PROMEL, in the city of Arica. We wish to clarify Boliden's role regarding the deliveries and our position regarding the damages that may be attributable to the deliveries.

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The 1998 dam breach at the Los Frailes mine in Spain

In April 1998, a dam breach accident occurred in the tailings pond at the Los Frailes mine in Spain, which was then owned by Boliden's subsidiary, Boliden Apirsa S.L. ("Apirsa"). Boliden is involved in a number of disputes and legal proceedings arising from the accident at the mine.

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