Sulphur Products


Sulphuric Acid 

Symbol: H2SO4

Appearance: colourless, viscous liquid

Melting point (100%): 10C

Boiling point (100%): 337C

Liquid Sulphur Dioxide

Symbol: SO2

Appearance: liquid

Melting point: -72C

Boiling point: -10C

Sulphur Products

Did you know...

That although sulphuric acid is now one of the most widely used chemicals, it was probably little known before the 16th century.

Boliden Sulphur products

Boliden is one of the major producers of sulphuric acid in the smelting industry. With our total production of 1,7 million tonnes at Rönnskär, Harjavalta, Kokkola and Odda, we can guarantee a very high delivery reliability to our customers. The sulphuric acid produced in Harjavalta and Rönnskär is of highest quality in the smelting industry. High-quality liquid sulphur dioxide is produced in Rönnskär and Harjavalta. The sulphur products are transported to customers by truck, train and ship.

Sulphuric acid is the most widely used chemical in the world. It is used in paper and pulp,fertilizer, titanium dioxide and metal industries, among others. Liquid sulphur dioxide is also used within the paper and pulp industry.