Zinc Concentrate

Most Common Mineral: Sphalerite (ZnS)

Metal content: 45-55% Zn

Largest producer: Peru

Copper Concentrate

Most Common Mineral: Chalcopyrite (CuFeS2)

Metal content: around 30%

Largest producer: Chile


Did you know...

That most mines are polymetallic, meaning the ore contains more than one metal.

Boliden Concentrates

Concentrate is enriched ore produced by mines located all over the world. Boliden's mines are located in four different mining areas of which three are located in Sweden and one in Ireland. Boliden produces four different types of concentrates: copper, lead, zinc and gravimetric concentrates (precious metal concentrates). The precious metals can be found in the gravimetric, copper and lead concentrates.

Concentrate is the main source of raw material to Boliden's smelters. Besides concentrates, some intermediate and secondary materials are also used in the production process. Boliden has copper, zinc and lead smelters in Sweden, Finland and Norway. The majority of the supply of external concentrates derives mainly from mines in Europe as well as South and North America.