02 Dec 2016

The Golden Gavel for Anders Ullberg

Boliden’s Chairman of the Board Anders Ullberg has been awarded the Golden Gavel in the “listed companies” category.

The award has been presented by Deloitte and the Swedish Academy of Directors since 2005 to increase awareness of the crucial role of the chair in efficient, effective board work.

Prize justification: “At an extraordinary general meeting in autumn 2005, Anders Ullberg was appointed the chairman of an under-pressure Boliden, following the sudden departure of one of the principal owners of the company. In the decade or so since then, Boliden has undergone a comprehensive transformation and today is a well-managed mining company with stable profitability and a strong balance sheet. Anders Ullberg’s work at Boliden is a prime example of how vitally important a competent chairperson with a long-term focus can be for the development of a company.”

“I am both pleased and proud that the long-term work of the Board of Directors to create a competitive business has led to this award. Boliden is in a strong position today thanks to the combination of world-leading mines and flexible smelters that reduce the company’s sensitivity to market conditions that vary greatly. Boliden is an important part of Sweden’s industrial history, and is still driving development forward today, in cooperation with other leading technical companies”, says Anders Ullberg.