11 Feb 2014

Boliden highly ranked in CSR survey

Boliden climbed to 5th place in Folksam's Corporate Responsibility Index.

Folksam's Corporate Responsibility Index investigates how much progress has been made by 250 publicly listed Swedish companies in their work on sustainability. In the 2013 survey, Boliden climbed from 6th place to 5th in terms of the environment, and from 32nd place to 16th in terms of human rights.

The study is based on the companies' publicly reported work on the environment and human rights, and is conducted every second year. Publicly reported data means information that is available on websites and various reports, in particular the company's annual report and, if available, its sustainability report.

The study results are in many ways pleasing. Many of the companies report extensively on their work on the environment and social responsibility. This time 70 companies were awarded four stars or more as a rating for the environment, and 76 were awarded four stars or more for human rights.

Folksam's Corporate Responsibility Index is based on reports from GES Investment Services.

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