Garpenberg - world class productivity

Garpenberg mine produces complex ores containing zinc, lead, silver, copper, and gold, and it is this metal mix that has contributed to the area's favourable cost position.

Successful exploration, coupled with industry-leading technological development, has enabled an expansion of the Garpenberg mine. The project ran between 2011 and 2014, the investment totaled SEK 3.9 billion and has increased production from 1.4 million tonnes of ore per year to 2.5 million tonnes (to be reached in 2015). This has made Garpenberg one of the world's most cost-effective and modern mines. 

Facts 2015

Co-workers: 420

Accident frequency: 4.0

Revenues:  2 862 SEK m

Operating profit: 1 452 SEK m

Mining depth: 1250 m

Production 2015

Milled tonnage: 2,367 ktonnes

Zinc:  108 ktonnes

Copper: 0,8 ktonnes

Lead: 42 ktonnes

Gold: 559 kg

Silver: 288 tonnes