Boliden Aitik

Boliden Aitik, situated outside the town of Gällivare in the very north of Sweden, is Sweden's largest copper mine.

Vast quantities of rock are mined and transported around the clock every day at Aitik's open pit. The deposit consists of chalcopyrite and pyrite yielding copper, gold and silver.

Aitik is also home to some of the largest machines in the world. Here you will find rock trucks that weigh 570 tonnes when fully loaded - the wheels alone are 4 metres in diameter. There are shovels with buckets that can hold up to 45 cubic meters of rock, wheel loaders that weigh 190 tonnes and drilling machines that weigh 181 tonnes and drill depths of 16 meters.

Aitik employs approx. 679 people and is the largest private employer in the municipality of Gällivare.

The Aitik mine will, as will all mines, be reclaimed after it has ceased operations. Reclamation activities are ongoing and good results have already been obtained.

Short facts

Products: Copper, silver and gold

Employees: 647

Established: 1968

Mining depth: 450 m

Production 2015

Ore: 36,361 ktonnes

Copper:  67 ktonnes

Silver:  61,452 kg

Gold: 2,042 kg

Boliden Aitik Location: Aitik
Country: Sweden
Telephone: +46 (0) 970 72 90 00
Fax: +46 (0) 970 72 90 01
Visiting address: Sakajärvi 1
Postal code: 982 92
City: Gällivare
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