Boliden's sales of metals and by-products

Products and sales

Boliden's main products are the base metals copper, zinc, lead, and the precious metals gold and silver.

The majority of our metals and by-products are supplied to customers in Europe. Boliden sells approximately 340 000 tonnes of copper and 460 000 tonnes of zinc annually, which are produced by the Group's own smelters. In addition, important volumes of sulphuric acid, liquid sulphur dioxide and other by-products are sold.  

Boliden's ambition is to be a world-class business partner and a continuous development of new customer-oriented products and services is done in close cooperation with our customers.

Boliden has sales offices in Sweden, Denmark, UK and Germany, and a network of transport partners provides reliable and flexible deliveries.

Concentrate Sales

Boliden produces concentrates from mined ore at our zinc, lead and copper mines. Concentrates are sold to internal and external zinc, lead and copper smelters.

Boliden markets around 500 000 tonnes of zinc concentrates, 80 000 tonnes of lead concentrates and 300 000 tonnes of copper concentrates annually.