Who does what in Boliden?

Have you ever wondered what a miner or a smelter operator actually does? This section contains a selection of some of Boliden’s unique trades and professions, together with an overview of their position within our value chain. The descriptions and qualification requirements are general, and variations may occur within Boliden’s different units.

This is the Boliden Group's value chain. The important thing to remember is that no matter where you are within the organisation, or geographically, you always have a place within the value chain.

The Boliden value chain begins with exploration activities and ends with metal sales to the Group's external customers. Each link in the main chain also has its own set of stages, with specific activities and processes. Employees in every area rely on the quality of other colleagues' work, which means we are all customers and suppliers, all at the same time.

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Boliden Valuechain

Voices of Boliden

"We choose the right education, it resulted in an employment"

Voices of BolidenEmma och Marie

A definite sign of springtime in Gällivare, is when the start of Around Dundret goes.
The ski race have hundreds of participants, who all at their own pace, get around the tracks that are 30 and 50 kilometers long.

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