Leadership development

For Boliden, it is of the utmost importance that we equip our managers with the knowledge and the tools they need to develop a leadership culture and style that lives up to the challenges they face on a daily basis. One of the ways we do this is by providing ongoing and customised training programmes.

Management Development Program

The Management Development Program is an on-going training programme for the just over 100 people who make up Boliden's senior management. The programme is designed to strengthen participants in their roles and improve their ability to handle the challenges they face on a daily basis. The three days of the course offer participants extensive opportunities to discuss the theme and the dilemmas they face from both a global and a more everyday perspective.

High Potentials Assessment

Boliden's Group-wide High Potentials Assessment helps us in our internal work on the structured identification of candidates for senior positions. The participants are nominated by Business Area and HR Managers to take part in the programme which entails six days of work on strategic and leadership issues and problem-solving.

Young Professionals Program

The goal of Boliden's Young Professionals Program is to explain and clarify Boliden's value chain and to establish our operational philosophy. The Programme is aimed at young and relatively recently recruited graduates below the age of 35 and to take part, an individual must have worked within the Boliden Group for a minimum of six months. The Programme gives the participants the opportunity to learn about Boliden's operations and to learn more about cooperation and leadership.

Basic leadership training

Boliden offers a number of courses for employees who are interested in a managerial career. These include courses that develop leadership skills, such as "Being a manager – the role of employer representative" and "Leading without being a manager". Continuous training is also provided in specific areas such as employee rehabilitation, crisis management, risk analysis and equal opportunities.

Boliden's Swedish mines and the Rönnskär smelter offer a leadership development programme with the following objectives:

  • The programme shall contextualise and deepen the participant's knowledge of Boliden as a company, with specific emphasis on Business Area Swedish Mines and/or smelters. It shall also give the participant an increased understanding of the conditions under which the operations are conducted, and an increased insight into the importance of their own role as part of the bigger picture.
  • The programme shall lead the participant to an increased insight into and understanding of the type of leadership required to strengthen and develop Boliden's operations.
  • The programme shall, on a personal level, lead to a development and strengthening of the participant's role as a leader within the company, with a clear emphasis placed on the importance of achieving results.
Voices of Boliden

"Boliden offers possibilities to develop your professional skills. Challenging tasks make my work enjoyable. "

Voices of BolidenTero Kleemola
Process operator at the sulphuric acid plant

Rönnskär smelter

Three out of Seven in the management team in Rönnskär are women.

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