Production knowledge and competence development

Creating a learning organisation and a corporate culture that is characterised by seeking continuous development is a key factor in Boliden’s success. An important element to continuously drive improvements and changes, is the training of the employees.

Improved skills for all

We invest substantial efforts and resources in skill development for all occupational categories within the Group. Many of the educational programmes are conducted locally to ensure they are optimally determined by and adapted in line with the needs of the mine or smelter in question.

Production knowledge

Ensuring excellence in the areas of the environment, energy efficiency, and health and safety is always a priority to us. All new recruits at Boliden are given an overall introduction to Boliden's operations, together with training relevant to their specific duties.

We also invest in ongoing training in order to ensure continuous development and improvement in our production processes, such as training for miners, or in machine, truck or crane operation as well as training employees to handle the transportation of hazardous goods and other chemical health risks during transportation or production.

In-service training

A wide range of courses and training programmes are regularly offered at Boliden's units. Local demand determines the courses on offer, and as a result, there is considerable variation between the courses offered at the different units – everything from courses in ergonomics and CPR to courses in the best way to stay healthy when working shifts. Other recurring courses include Technical English, IT, Management Systems, Economics, and Communication.

Training days are also regularly held on a variety of themes, such as Working as a Team, the New Boliden Way, the Environment, Health and Safety, Rehabilitation, Crisis management, Risk analysis, Equality, etc.

Women at work

Boliden's long-term ambition is to increase the percentage of the Group's workforce that is made up of women. As part of our efforts to realise this ambition the Women at Work programme was  launched in 2010 and is designed to support and encourage the Group's female employees in their individual career development. The programme is based on a number of seminars that are designed to give participants new insights, perspectives and energy in relation to their working life and career. Women at Work welcomes applications from all female Boliden employees, irrespective of their position within the Group.

Voices of Boliden

"Boliden offers possibilities to develop your professional skills. Challenging tasks make my work enjoyable. "

Voices of BolidenTero Kleemola
Process operator at the sulphuric acid plant

Rönnskär smelter

Three out of Seven in the management team in Rönnskär are women.

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