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Boliden is a capital intensive company with extensive facilities and wide-ranging processes. Our skilled and motivated employees are vital to our ability to manage and develop our operations in a way that enables us to achieve our goals.

Excellent opportunities to grow with Boliden

Boliden's operations are characterised by professionalism and excellent developmental opportunities, a competent management team, a safe work environment and a determination to conduct ourselves in line with our shared values. Continuous improvement, and our endeavours to achieve it, is a lodestar for every single Boliden employee.

The belief that every employee should have the right skills for their duties is another of our fundamental values. We believe, furthermore, that every single employee should also be afforded extensive opportunities to influence their own development and that Boliden should provide the resources and opportunities that enable employees to develop their skills.

Voices of Boliden

"Boliden is a company you can develop in. I've personally held a number of different positions since joining the company. Time flies."

Voices of BolidenMarkus Brännström
Maintenance Manager
View from the office in Boliden

Vinterbild utan för kontoret i Boliden

The beautiful view from the office in Boliden on a cold morning in February.

The temprature was minus 37 degrees celsius.

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