Working at Boliden

Boliden would like to welcome you to an industry with both a tradition and a future. Strong links to the global economy and closeness to other countries and cultures makes the mining and smelting industry an exciting one.

A truly exciting environment in which to work

Virtually every single product that we use in today's society either contains metals or requires metals as part of its production process. It is an industry that is home to extremely advanced technology and is built on interactions between people with a wide range of different skills and expertise.

Working at Boliden means being part of an organisation that operates in different parts of the world, and whose operations are firmly characterised by decentralisation and the delegation of assignments. The diversity of the Group's operations offers a wide range of different occupations within numerous professional categories. Changing assignments and operation sites is not only possible; it is also one of several important characteristic features in a continuous process designed to enhance the professional development and knowledge of our employees.

Every person in Boliden's workforce holds the key to realising our vision

Boliden's vision is to be among the best in the industry when it comes to:

Customer satisfaction: we shall live up to and preferably exceed our customers' expectations in everything we do;

Performance: Boliden shall generate a return for its shareholders that exceeds the industry average;

Responsibility: this means behaving ethically and morally in relation to our employees, the environment and society at large.

Kaisu Laakkonen

"It is very interesting to work at Boliden Kokkola. At the moment I take part in the planning of the silver extraction process. When the facility is online, I will work there as a process operator."

Kaisu LaakkonenKaisu Laakkonen
Process Operator
Garpenberg’s new pit head frame

Boliden Garpenbergs nya berglave

The new 68-metre high pit head frame at Garpenberg now stands proud. Garpenberg 2.5 is one of Sweden's biggest construction sites. According to the Swedish Construction Federation's ranking, the mine construction is the second biggest construction project started in the last 12 months in terms of value.

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