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Boliden’s partnerships with universities and colleges prioritise the programmes and courses that address areas in which we have both current and future recruitment needs.

Boliden is always interested in forging links with students studying such subjects as geology, chemistry, chemical engineering, IMP, mechanical engineering and applied physics. We are also interested in those studying to become mining engineers or process operators.

Boliden in Sweden

Thesis work

Boliden publishes a directory of suggested thesis work subjects every January on its Swedish website, together with contact details for further information. Different compensation terms apply, depending on the scale of the work and on where the thesis work is carried out. The directory is then revised regularly throughout the year as suggested subjects are converted into thesis work projects.

Find the thesis catalog here


Boliden can, if necessary, supply a mentor. We do this because we believe that it is important that students gain a better insight into what a particular type of training can lead to and the various possibilities when it comes to future occupational roles. The mentor appointed by Boliden will be a recent graduate with a similar background to the student in question.

Contact person

Each personnel department has at least one contact person who is responsible for the training courses in which the unit is involved. This applies to both upper secondary school programmes and those provided by colleges and universities.

Work experience positions

Many training programmes include periods of work experience and Boliden is happy to accept work experience students from a number of educational fields, time and resources permitting.

Work experience enquiries are best submitted via the unit's contact person. A work experience enquiry should ideally include a description by the applicant of their intended subject field, their expectations of a work experience position at Boliden, and the hoped-for end result. Boliden's undertakings, in conjunction with offering a work experience position, include the provision of appropriate duties for the work experience in question, and of practical equipment and a mentor to guide the student through the process.

Boliden in Norway

Boliden Odda offers students and researchers the opportunity to carry out thesis work and to write dissertations in a number of interesting fields of relevance to our operations. Process optimisation, process technology and maintenance optimisation in the value chain during the production of zinc and aluminium fluoride (alf3) are just a few examples. The exchange between doctoral students and Boliden's employees usually proves to be valuable in a number of ways, particularly when it comes to developing our chemical processes, which are often highly complex.

Boliden provides mentors and other relevant forms of support, and a list of relevant subjects is available upon request.
For further information, please contact: birte.moland@boliden.com

Boliden in Finland

Boliden Harjavalta offers students the chance to carry out their thesis work in a number of areas of relevance to our operations.

For further information, please contact: petri.latostenmaa@boliden.com

Boliden Kokkola also offers students at universities or colleges of applied sciences the chance to carry out their thesis work in a number of areas.

For further information regarding Boliden Kokkola's thesis work, please contact Petra Maunula (firstname.lastname@boliden.com)

For further information regarding Boliden Kokkola's internship, please contact Petra Maunula (firstname.lastname@boliden.com)

Boliden in Ireland

Boliden's Tara zinc mine has active partnerships with a number of local schools and universities. Many training programmes include periods of work experience and Boliden is happy to accept students and work experience students, time and resources permitting. In some cases, the aim is to provide an insight into working life, while in others, it is to offer the student a chance to carry out thesis work or to work on a dissertation. These partnerships offer students valuable work experience, while Boliden benefits from the opportunity to share in the development of new and potentially important knowledge.

Cooperating with schools and universities also enables Boliden to forge closer links with students, primarily at the nearby upper secondary school, Beaufort College, by providing advice, etc., on career paths and training for job interviews.

Boliden Tara offers students the chance to carry out their thesis work in a number of areas of relevance to our operations.

For further information, please contact: eoghan.o'neill@boliden.com

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Voices of Boliden

"I have been employed by Boliden for over nine years and I have had four different positions during this time. I belong to a generation that is known to welcome new challenges and I appreciate Boliden because they give you the opportunity to do this."

Voices of BolidenHanna Schweitz
Manager Secondary Raw Materials
In focus

Kerstin Konradsson

Kerstin Konradsson, Director Boliden smelters, appointed as the thirteenth most powerful woman in Swedish business in 2013.

The survey conducted by the Swedish Business Week is based on a survey and interviews with about 400 people. Kerstin, who is a newcomer in the list, qualified directly into this very honorable place. The list includes the 125 most powerful women in 2013, topped by Petra Einarsson at Sandvik Materials & Technology.

Read the article (in Swedish)

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