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In events, fairs, career days and different kind of meetings representatives from Boliden have a chance to meet you - regardless if you are interesting in our business or us as an employer. This section will present activities of all kind.

The hunt for the right skills

In order to attract as many interested young people as possible, there are always Boliden representatives from different parts of our business who are on hand at different events.

Sara Strömberg and Lena Drugge, Boliden.

Students and upper secondary school pupils facing a choice of direction are encouraged to look Boliden's way. Boliden is a regular participant at various events held for students and jobseekers.

"We try to broadcast information about ourselves by attending as many recruitment events as we have time for and can manage during the first quarter of the year. This is the time when many students and upper secondary school pupils choose where to go in their further studies, and at the same time we receive many enquiries about degree projects and summer jobs," says Martin Eman, Group Manager for Employer Branding.

A number of job fairs for upper secondary school pupils have been held in the countries where our business is based, for example, and we have stands at universities such as Uleåborg (Finland), Linköping, Lund, Gothenburg, Uppsala, Umeå, Luleå, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and the Swedish School of Mining and Metallurgy in Filipstad, Sweden.

Boliden met up with future engineers

Boliden Kokkola and Harjavalta have taken part in the Pesti Career Day, which is the largest recruitment fair within the technical field in Northern Finland

Around 60 companies and organisations attended the event. Boliden´s booth was very popular during the day and the students showed great interest in our buisness. The event is organized every year since 1990 by the Faculties and students of Engineering at the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applioed Sciences.

A Master Thesis work in focus

Matthijs Bootsma, Delft University of Technology, presented his Boliden Thesis- work at the university in Delft

Stephen Manning, Manager Mine Planning and Mine Surveying in Boliden took the photo at the examination and he has supervised Matthijs. The title of the Thesis work is;"Cut-off Grade Based Sublevel Stope Mine Optimization; Introduction and evaluation of an otimization approach and method for grade risk quantification." 

Annual Career Fair in Stockholm

Boliden took part in the Career Day, Armada at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology

Boliden´s representatives recieved the visitors at the well-attended exhibition.

...and Annual Career Fair in Lund

The students union at the faculty of engineering at Lund University arranged and Boliden was present as one of the exhibitors

The event, Arkad, is Southern Sweden´s largest career fair and weeks before is filled with student activitites which aims to prepare for the fair. Johanna Holm, Boliden, meets visitors in the booth.


Cooperation with universities in Europe

Boliden is a member of FEMP, the Federation of European Mineral Programs and attended a meeting in Holland

Students, membercompanies and represents from the universities mingled, held presentations and exchanged experiences with former students. Boliden is involved with the Environmental-, Process- and Mining programs at universities in Helsinki, Aachen, Delft and Wroclaw. Currently two students write their Master Thesis work, in the smelter Boliden Harjavalta and at the Boliden Mines technical department in Boliden.

Boliden in Uppsala

Boliden participated in a Career Fair arranged by Technology- and Science students at Uppsala University

Jenny Johansson, Boliden, in the booth; "It is great to meet all these interested students and get to know their career-plans".


Boliden attented an event organized by Nova, an organization that brings together talented individuals with interesting exmployers

At the event Boliden got the chance to meet students in workshops and matchingactivitites. Boliden´s Hanna Schweitz; "I think this is a perfect oppurtunity both for the company and for he students to get to know each other. Also I think it is interesting for them to meet younger employees that they can more easy relate to."



Students attending International Mining School

Nine people selected to participate in "Sandvik International Mining School" have learned more about the technology in Boliden and have visit the Renström mine in the Bolidenarea

Together with students from Luleå Technical University the invited participants got to know more about Mining Methods in Boliden by Per-Ivar Marklund. After a visit to Renström Mine, Stephen Manning gave a lecture on mine design and planning, both from the department of Mining Technology in Boliden.
"It's an exciting concept with field trips and meetings all over the world for these students to learn even more the mining industry - maybe Boliden could shape something similar", Stephen says.

A day of interesting meetings

Company representatives had a chance to meet foreign-born academics at the event Nationell Matchning, which was inaugurated by the Swedish Labour Minister Elisabeth Svantesson

The Swedish Public Employment Service runs a project partially financed by the EFS (European social fund) called Nationell Matchning. The project aims to shorten the time it takes for foreign-born academics to enter the Swedish labour market. The recruitment event at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm, attracted around 250 jobseeking engineers who were able to meet 25 recruiting companies. Martin Eman, Head of Employer branding issues in Boliden was present at the event, "We are very pleased with the day where we got the opportunity to meet many talented and experienced people. Since we are primarily looking for engineers to Boliden this was an opportunity for us to connect with prospective employees and to inform about us as a company."


Google awarded as the most attractive

The most popular employer; chosen by 11 000 engineers, was awarded in a network meeting

Google tar emot pris

Boliden was one of the partner companies at Ingenjörskarriärs meeting in Stockholm. It was Ny Teknik in cooperation with the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers that awarded the prize where engineers have ranked employers. Google won the first prize, but Boliden - in collaboration with Ingenjörskarriär - took the chance to award one of the engineers; Kristoffer Alriksson, electronics engineer, that won a trip to the Aitik mine.

Exchanges with Japan

Skellefte District ore deposits and Boliden "the modern effective mining company", attracts Japanese visitors

Atika University, Japan
Mr Can Pham-Ngoc, Vietnam, Miss Nobue Shimizu, Akita University, Japan, Miss Quyen Pham-Minh, Vietnam, Professor Daizo Ishiyama Akita University, Japan and Dr Kofi Adomako-Ansah, Ghana.

A group from Akita University, Japan, visited Boliden as part of the activities of their new faculty in "Resource Science". Boliden has previous contacts with the mining company Dowa in Japan, which has mined ore deposits in the Akita region similar to those in the Skellefte District. Actually the main type of ore deposits we mine in the Skellefte District is known internationally by geologists as "Kuroko-type VMS deposits". The name "Kuroko" is Japanese, meaning black ore and comes from the mines in the Akita region. Rodney Allen, Boliden Manager Geology Research and Development, was formerly a professor at Akita University, "It may seem odd for us to cooperate with Japan, which is so far away in distance and culture, but we are open to new ideas and exchanges. They have students especially from Asia, Africa and South America and therefore it is also interesting for us to work together because we recruit internationally, but traditionally have had little contact with universities in these regions.


Among Sweden's most attractive employer

At a career event Boliden met academics active in Computer / IT, economists and engineers in the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm.

Boliden has participated a couple of years and at the fair, two days in September, there were employees from Rönnskär, Garpenberg, Boliden technology organization and human resources to meet the visitors.

Ulf Marklund, Project Engineer at Boliden, was pleased with the interest; "There were many prospective candidates at the fair, and during the days I met a large number of experienced people who were very interested and impressed by the Boliden company".

World Conference in ore geology in Uppsala

Boliden, the gold sponsor at the event, hosted an event "Students meet Industry", and met some 200 ore geology students from around the world.

SGA (Society for Geology applied to Mineral Deposits) Biennial Meeting is conducted every two years in a mining tightly country anywhere in the world. The conference serves as a forum where researchers, students and industry meet to present and exchange knowledge in ore and mineral research. 10 geologists from Boliden lectured or presented posters at the conference which took place in August 13th-15th in Uppsala.

- The student evening went beyond expectations and was a fun, relaxed and rewarding evening! There were more students than expected, and most showed great interest in talking with representatives from the industry, says Rodney Allen, Boliden Head of Exploration Geology, who organized the evening.


Young and curious visit Boliden

Several groups of students have visited the office in Boliden and got to know more about career paths and recieved good advices for further study options.

Students Balder Skellefteå 0913

Some of the classes visited Boliden in conjunction with a mountain excursion, and the about eighty students have also previously visited Rönnskär Smelter.

In late summer a high school class from Umeå learned more about the enrichment of Marie Lundberg, who is a process engineer at the Boliden concentrator. Benny Matsson, Chief geologist informed of Boliden's exploration.

Martin Eman, responsible for Boliden employer branding, took the opportunity to lecture about Boliden and the Metal industry - and encourage to future studies. "We receive visits from students of all ages at all sites within Boliden. These meetings are very important. Earlier this summer, I met about 30 unemployed youth from the Skellefteå region - if we can affect some of them to continue to study - or if any one of them can find a job with us - we are all winners."


To stand out from the crowd


Boliden met 200 talents where the challenge was to stand out the most among the invited companies.


Nova Henrik Östberg 0513


Within the cooperation "Nova Pro" - whose business concept is to bring together
particularly talented individuals with the most interesting employers - Boliden participate in several meetings during the year. At the last meeting Henrik Östberg; SVP Corporate Responsibility at Boliden adopted the challenge in short presentation rounds catch the interest from the audience. "At Novas arrangement, we as a company is exposed to an audience that consists of the most interesting young people from all over Sweden," concludes Henrik.


The next Nova-event takes place on the 7th of October; "Nova Student Forum".



My and Jenny report bachelor thesis


With careful timing, interviews and inferences a study has been conducted in one of Boliden mines. Kankbergs management team was present when the students presented "The efficiency of transportation in the mining industry".


JennyMy Kankberg2013

My Lindblad and Jenny Svensson who are studying civil engineering at Luleå University conducted the study at Kankberg mine. "The gathering of facts has taken place both underground and above ground, and while the study is built on timing and interviews the support from the drivers in Kankberg were crucial. But we have been very well recieved by everyone in Boliden" says Jenny. My explains with great enthusism; "During this study I have met challenges I never thought I would be part of. I had an idea of mining, but now we had really a chance to be in a mine and to understand more what it is about!"

Boliden meet engineers at Bergskolan

"See the possibilities when you recieve a job offer, even if it means you have to move", says Karin Johansson and Patrik Hansson. They are both civil engineers and are working for Boliden.

Bergsskolan monter Karin2013

On labor days earlier this spring Karin met students at Bergsskolan that were curious about Boliden. Bergsskolan in Filipstad, as a part of Luleå technical university, educate engineers in metals, mining- and plant technology. "Positive with Boliden is also the size, giving you oppurtunities to be in different places geografically and chances to participate in various projects, Patrik describes. Patrik and Karin are both working in the Mines Technology department in Boliden.

Student event in Helsinki

Boliden was present in an event with about two hundred University students of technology from different parts of Finland.

Metal event Helsinki

The yearly event took place in February and the highlight of the event is a conference where the students have a chance to ask questions directly to the CEO of the largest Finnish metal processing enterprises. The students were interested in, among other things, energy and environmental issues. Students also asked for practical tips of for example how to prepare for a job interview. Boliden was represented in the conference by Jyrki Makkonen, Boliden Harjavalta. Representatives from Boliden also held workshops where the students had the opportunity to explore the possibilities for Summer jobs and Thesis.


Students contribute to conceptual study

Engineering students at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, conduct a study that involves finding energy efficient solutions in case of a future minining establishment in Laver.

KTH Aitik 0313

Nine engineering students visited the open-pit mine Aitik in March in order to get to know the mining operations in Boliden. A possible mine in Laver will have many similarities to the Boliden mining operations at Aitik. The students' task is to, in groups of three, develop solutions for how a new mining operation could be developed as energyefficient and climatefriendly as possible.
- Now we look at the issues we've recieved with a focus on energy and the environment at a mining establishment, and set them against each other. We review systems that are efficient from several angles and that are consistent and sustainable. We have lots of factors to weigh in, for example, fuel consumption, capacity needs in the mine, carbon emissions for the different options, mileage and lift height for transport, describes Marcus Edlund, engineering student.
On May 6, the students will present their work at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Develoment at Boliden

Malin Rosenius and Magnus Filipsson were recently interviewed in Swedish media about their job situation and the view of their own development.

Malin Rosenius Magnus Filipsson

They are both engineers, Malin with a construct oriented education and Magnus focusing chemistry, and they have both been in Boliden for some years.
- Boliden is an interesting company with many different and varied tasks. Working here is really challenging and stimulating, says Malin, who is Quality Manager for the Boliden Area.
They both conclude that it is important for an engineer applying to Boliden that you have a strong interest in technology and that you are curious and creative. They also agree about that regardless of department and team; atmosphere is pleasant and accommodating, with a freedom of speaking your mind.

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Matching Day

Boliden in a meeting with geologists, engineers and chemist from Iran, India and France

Matching Day

In a recruit meeting that creates contacts between foreign academics and employers in Sweden. Janne Lindmark, staff developer, Boliden Mines, met the candidates. "Interesting people longing to start working in the field they were trained, and with a great desire to contribute to future employers. This kind of recruitment meeting are very interesting to participate in, summarizes Janne".

Career Days in Trondheim

IAESTE* Career Days were held at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim in February. Boliden was one of 180 companies that for two days had a booth.

Mässa i Trondheim feb13 Steinar Jorstad Odda

Steinar Jorstad, Odda, meets students

During the Career Days our delegates were given the opportunity to present Boliden's operations, thesis, summer jobs and future career opportunities for a large number of students. Individual interviews with students were held, due to a number of vacant engineering positions, including vacancies at our smelter in Odda. Participation in these career days is part of the strategy to establish closer links with students and expand exchanges with NTNU.

*IAESTE - The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience.


A Rock Theme Day

The Institute of Geology and Rock Engineering at NTNU in Trondheim, educate geologists, mining and processing engineers. In conjunction with a theme day earlier this spring; Bergdagen, Boliden was present in a booth.

Rickard Martinsson, Boliden Area, was representing Boliden, "It was a nice event and led to some interesting contacts. One example is a couple; one studying to become a miningengineer, the other one studying electronic scrap/recycling and they were both interested in keeping contact with Boliden", says Richard. The Norwegian Mining and Quarrying Industries has developed a traineeprogram for the students where they are offered a two-year contract. During the trainee period the students have a chance to try out a variety of tasks in at least three different companies. After that, they may be offered permanent employment in one of the partnering companies. A very interesting way of working,", reflects Richard when he sums up the event and networking in Trondheim.


Voices of Boliden

"One of the most common preconceptions about the metal industry is that there are only men working here. This is totally wrong, all tasks that we have can be done by women just as well."

Voices of BolidenMarie Lundberg
Process engineer


Odda is situated in the heart of Hardanger, Norway. Surrounded by fjords, glaciers, mountains and waterfalls it´s known to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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