The New Boliden Way

New Boliden Way (NBW) is our holistic guideline. It tells us What we do, Why we do it, and How we do it. The basic concept is simple: we must focus on continuous improvements and stable processes to stay competitive.

Our shared values are among our most important assets. They guide us and demonstrate what Boliden stands for, and they show us how we, as employees, should conduct ourselves.

Passion for improvements

It is always possible to work in a smarter way. This value emphasises our ability to give that little extra when conducting our various tasks in order to make a difference. By continuously improving how we develop products, processes and relationships we can remain competitive in the global metals market.

Value chain responsibility

We are all experts in our part of the value chain. We take responsibility to inform each other in a correct manner and act swiftly to correct mistakes and learn from them, wherever and whenever they occur. We have responsibility to constantly identify the optimal processes and standardise these with the goal of setting the basis for further improvements.

Personal commitment

Problems should be solved where they arise. This means that we are all problem solvers. We have the authority to carry out and be accountable for our work and we always strive to develop our maximum potential for the benefit of everyone at Boliden. We always seek to exceed the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers and other stakeholders.