Strategy and goals

Efficient and stable processes, financial strength and respect for people and the environment are the cornerstones of Boliden’s long-term profitability and growth. Boliden’s expertise within mines and smelters is central to the value creation, both in the day-to-day operations and in new projects.


Boliden produces metals that make modern life work. Metals are vital to society’s development. Boliden produces base and precious metals through exploration, mining operations, smelting operations, and recycling. No effort is spared, throughout Boliden’s value chain, to live up to society’s demands for safety, environmental consideration, and good ethical conduct.


Boliden shall be a world class metals company. This means that Boliden shall be among the leading companies in the industry in terms of customer satisfaction, efficiency and responsibility. Boliden operates in a raw materials market in which the tradein metal concentrates and finished metals is global, while the customer base is regional. High levels of productivity and cost effective production are critical to success in this volatile sector.


Boliden strives to be in a leading position among medium-sized metals companies by creating competitive mines and smelters and by being the natural choice for business partners. The primary focus for Boliden’s mining operations is the creation of growth through increased exploration and investments in organic growth, coupled with improved productivity. For the smelters, meanwhile, the focus is on increasing profitability by reducing costs, improving process stability, and improving the ability to process complex raw materials. Boliden’s strategy can be summarised in terms of the following areas:

1. Stable and resource-efficient operations.

2. Elimination of production bottlenecks.

3. Expansion investments in in-house projects.

4. Acquisitions of producing mines and mine projects.